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Good Friday

Good Friday website (Graph)

April 7, 2023

Prayer Stations from 11:00am - 6:30pm

Prayer stations will be set up around the Gathering Room. People are invited to pick up a prayer guide on their way in and visit each station as they feel moved. Leaders will be availble to provide instruction and to pray with those who request prayer. 
These stations will be available:
  • Station 1: Intercession
  • Station 2: Confession
  • Station 3: Journaling
  • Station 4: Praise
  • Station 5: Music
  • Station 6: Blessing/Simplicity  

Good Friday Service - 6:30pm

This sevice focuses on the passion of Jesus. There is a dark and somber tone as we remeber Jesus' journey to the cross and encourter the reality of his death. 
There will be an opportunity to participate in this service by nailing your sins to the cross.