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Jeff Flanagan


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Tiffany Flanagan

Jeff and Tiffany met at seminary and quickly connected over their similar backgrounds, experiences, and desires. Both were raised on cattle ranches and had mothers who were elementary school teachers. Both like to run and play games. Both lived in Kansas City before attending seminary in Chicago. Both served in volunteer organizations after college—Jeff with the Peace Corps and Tiffany with AmeriCorps. And both felt called to a lifetime of ministry. They got married in 2016, eight months after their first date. 

After Jeff and Tiffany completed their degrees in Chicago, they moved back to Kansas City. Feeling the need to choose a denomination in which they closely aligned, the two researched the Evangelical Covenant Church and prayerfully decided it was the best fit for them. The couple found Harvest Ridge and immediately felt at home. Soon after, Tiffany joined the staff as the Children’s Ministry Pastor. 

Prior to attending seminary, Tiffany earned her Masters of Public Administration while working as an executive assistant to a pastor of a church in the Westport area. Throughout her Christian life, she has lead a number of Bible studies, discipled many women, and seen several people come to Christ. She has also worked in a variety of nonprofit, holding roles as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and a mentor for homeless women seeking treatment for substance abuse and mental health challenges.

During his time in college, Jeff served as the President of the campus Baptist Student Union. After graduating, Jeff joined the Peace Corps, where he served two years teaching English at a university in Western China. Upon arriving back in the States, Jeff began seminary and also joined the staff at Lenexa Baptist Church as a Pastoral Intern. After finishing his MDiv, Jeff moved to Chicago to pursue more education, and during this time he worked on the Maintenance and Facilities Team at a nearby church.  He is currently working on a PhD in New Testament Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

In September of 2018, the couple had their first child, Kara. They absolutely love being parents and witnessing the joy Kara brings to the world.