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Knit One, Pray Too

Knit-One-Pray-Too and Sew-Much-More Ministry began several years ago with the idea to teach young girls how to knit. God had more plans...

Soon after we began, someone brought us the Prayer Shawl Ministry. We now knit prayer shawls and prayer blankets. We pray over them as a group and they are given in God’s name to various individuals, as God leads us. One of our members suggested we make prayer blankets for our graduating seniors. Whether we have a few or many graduates, we always seem to have enough yarn and denim.  


Another member brought us the ministry of chemo caps for kids at Children’s Mercy. We make them and she decorates and delivers them.


When another member, Ginny Brown, died and left us her fabulous fabrics, we expanded to include sewing projects. When Harvest Ridge started having 24-hour Prayer Vigils during Holy Week, our group began to knit and pray all night!


We trust God for direction and blessings for our ministry. We always seem to have what we need, and God is always bringing us new opportunities. We should not have been surprised when we received a request from a friend who had cancer. Her feet had swelled and she needed extra-large socks. We met and prayed for how we could do this, as socks are very complicated to knit. That next week, one of our ladies was sorting out items for an estate sale and found extra-large knitted socks! God had once again provided eight beautifully knit socks! Our friend with cancer was blessed, and so were we by the way they were provided.

Knit-One-Pray-Too meets the third Saturday of each month starting at 9:30 a.m. at Harvest Ridge in the library. All ages are welcome! Contact Ann Trent for more information.