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Our Staff and Leadership


We believe that God has equipped every believer with gifts tailored to serve God's purposes at Harvest Ridge. Among those gifts are leadership and service.

We believe in a team approach to leadership, in which both paid staff and volunteers join together to accomplish the work and ministry of the church. Leadership is both a privilege and a responsibility. We are intentional about identifying, encouraging, and nurturing women and men, regardless of age, in the effective use of their gifts in God's Kingdom.

Jed Hollenbach, Lead Pastor

Since arriving at Harvest Ridge in 2011, Jed's encouragement to Harvest Ridge has been, "Be strong and courageous!" Practicing what he preaches, Jed has led Harvest Ridge into a culture of mission and outreach. His ministry experience is extensive, from being the child of Wycliffe missionaries in Mexico to answering a call to ministry which has led him to experiences as a youth pastor, worship pastor, and now, lead pastor. Outside of Harvest Ridge, Jed is a busy husband and father, finding great joy in spending time with his family. Along with many other area pastors, Jed's second office is a Starbucks across the street from Harvest Ridge. The church staff describes Jed as humble, creative, visionary, a TEAM builder, and a leader.  

Nancy Chumley
, Care Team Leader

Nancy, born in New York, but a Kansan since age six, is a natural at her staff position, Care Team Leader. She states, "I feel God has equipped me to use my life experiences to encourage and support others." Nancy and her husband, Gary, have been instrumental in establishing Harvest Ridge's deep and growing relationship with True Light Ministries. When not involved in ministry, Nancy enjoys the quiet of her sewing room or the craziness of a family get-together. The staff describes Nancy as a godly friend and a positive influence. About working with the church staff, Nancy shares, "God is first. When He is the main thing, all others seem to fall into place." In terms of ministry, this couldn't be more true.

Debbie Jensen
, Office Administrator

Debbie, a preacher's kid, has been managing the Harvest Ridge office for over 20 years. She and her husband, Red, have three grown daughters and are immensely enjoying their grandchildren, Cline and Livvie. Born and raised in northwest Missouri, it's no surprise that she's a huge fan of NWMSU football. Besides college football and spoiling the grandkids, Debbie enjoys playing in the local orchestra, her musical talent a little-known attribute. About the church staff, Debbie shares that she loves the TEAM culture. "I love working together, feeling supported, and helping to support and encourage my team members.”  The other staff members describe Debbie as "Super Woman”, kind, smart, and VERY important!

Joel Stark
, Youth Pastor

Joel was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and comes from a long line of Cornhusker football fans. He admits that he is a little bit crazy when it comes to the Huskers. Joel and his family recently moved to Olathe to work with internationals and refugees that are moving into the KC area. He serves as a local missionary with The Sending Project. Joel has served in youth ministry for 30 years. He and his wife, Ellen, have two grown children, Caleb and Jacob. Shortly after moving to the area, Joel became connected with Jed and Harvest Ridge. God made it very apparent that Joel would be the next youth pastor for the church. Joel served at his last church as a youth pastor and missions pastor. He is very passionate about the Great Commission, young people, and missions. During his ministry years, he has led teams to Mexico, Nicaragua, Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, and several locations around the United States. You can often spot Joel at a local coffee shop (Black Dog or Sweet Tee’s) studying or hanging out with friends. Joel is excited to be able to serve at Harvest Ridge!

Randy Schott,
Worship Arts Pastor

Randy and his family moved to Kansas City from the West Coast, where a love for hiking, camping, and lazy afternoons of tide-pooling were common distractions from their busy lives. Randy grew up in a household where his dad was also the pastor of the church they attended. Randy has since devoted 25 years to ministry, with an emphasis in worship, arts, Christian life formation, mission, and social work. He and his wife, Kim, love all things travel, coffee, the city, and robust conversation. Both share a strong cross-cultural affinity, having led groups in mission to Central and South America, the Alaskan Bush, and Soviet Far East. In addition to his part-time role at Harvest Ridge, Randy conducts professionally and maintains a large private musical arts studio. Randy shares, “I have no greater passion in life than to worship the Creator of the cosmos and Lord of our lives in a manner that is faithful, active, authentic, and transforming. Come as you are and renew your spirit in a worship environment noted for its energy, variety, and hospitality.”  

Tiffany Flanagan
, Children's Ministry Pastor

After completing her Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Tiffany and her husband, Jeff, moved to Kansas City. The couple visited Harvest Ridge in the Spring of 2018, and they quickly recognized that it was a place where God was at work. Excited to serve and grow with this church, Tiffany joined the staff. Although being a Children’s Ministry Pastor is a new role for Tiffany, leading others in a spiritual context is not. She has been involved in full-time ministry vocationally and non-vocationally for more than 15 years. Outside of her part-time role at Harvest Ridge, Tiffany’s most important job is raising her daughter, Kara, alongside Jeff. She also enjoys working part time as a residential care mentor at Kansas City Rescue Mission’s Women’s Center, going for runs, and having people over for dinner. 

Harvest Ridge Leadership Team

At Harvest Ridge Covenant Church, our leadership team is made up of 6-8 men and women who work with the pastor, setting priorities for the church and monitoring the church's spiritual health and vitality. The five roles and responsibilities of the leadership team are:

1) Monitor overall health and momentum of ministry at Harvest Ridge.
2) Craft and monitor an annual budget with the input of the staff and ministry team leaders.
3) Identify 2-4 spiritual and strategic goals for the church for the upcoming year.
4) Encourage, support, and keep the lead pastor accountable in leading HRCC.
5) Manage crisis situations, if and when they occur.

Jeff Hudson, Chair
Darren Thrasher, Vice Chair
Cindy MyersSecretary
Tori BlakeAt large
Paul GriesemerAt large
Bill HigginsAt large
Kim SchottAt large

Harvest Ridge Administrative Team

At Harvest Ridge, we have a clear and compelling vision statement: “We believe Christ wants lost people found, hurting people helped, and believers growing in their faith." The Administrative Team is a group of seven who meet every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. to work behind the scenes to propel that vision forward. They provide support to HRCC's ministries by handling the many details involved...and manage to have a little fun while doing so!


Pastor Jed Hollenbach, Lead Pastor

Pastor Jed develops the meeting agenda and keeps meetings on track. He also makes sure the team stays focused and forward-looking. He has served on this team for eight years.

Debbie Jensen, Office Administrator and Personal Assistant to the Pastor

Debbie is Harvest Ridge’s “air traffic controller” and is responsible for a myriad of details. She oversees calendars, keeps ministries coordinated, is the hub of church communications, and plays an integral role in all church events. She leaves others on the team wondering how she does it all! Debbie has been serving at Harvest Ridge for 21 years. 

Nancy Chumley, Care Team Leader, Grief Share Coordinator 

Nancy keeps track of care needs within the congregation and, with her Care Team, provides spiritual, physical, and emotional support to those with needs through meals, visits, phone calls, cards, and emails. She also leads Grief Group, a support group for those dealing with the loss of loved ones. She has an incredible welcoming way with people and excels at matching individuals' gifts and abilities to service opportunities in the church. She has been serving at Harvest Ridge for seven years.   

Ashton DelVecchio, Website Manager

Ashton is our webmaster and makes sure Harvest Ridge's website is maintained, well organized, and current. She is in charge of the recent website upgrade. As the youngest member of the team, she inspires the more "mature" ones to think young! Ashton is in her second year of service on this team.

Sara Thrasher, Connections Team Leader 

Sara makes sure that our guests are noticed and followed up with by passing their information on to staff via meetings, PCO (the church database), and email notifications. This ensures newcomers are not "lost in the shuffle" and have every opportunity to form relationships at Harvest Ridge. She is an inspiration to the team as she handles her "mommy duties" and team responsibilities, often simultaneously! This is her first year of serving on this team. 

Patti McWilliams, Technical Support, Church Directory

Patti is the newest member of the team and has been assisting office staff with technological support, online file management, and PowerPoint announcements. She is also working on creating a new church directory. Patti is in her first year of service at Harvest Ridge. 

Karla Higgins, Communications

Karla compiles and sends out the weekly email, helps write job descriptions, and works with the team on documenting systems. She is in her third year of service at Harvest Ridge.

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