Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m.

Our Vision

At Harvest Ridge, we believe that Christ wants lost people found, hurting people helped, and believers growing in their faith. 

Harvest Ridge: Mission in Action

Lost People Found

"In the winter, I participated in the Harvest Ridge Tonight small groups when we were discussing The Big Story. We were encouraged to share our faith with others. Because of our conversations and the prayer support of my group, God provided the opportunity for me to have deep conversations with my mother during a very difficult time in her life. Ultimately, one night, while we laid in bed, I prayed out loud for the situation. This led to a conversation about prayer and me sharing with her that I know for sure that God hears her prayers and cares. I asked if she wanted to know how I know that. She said yes, and then I shared the Gospel of God's love in Jesus. She prayed with me that night to trust Jesus for her life and for her salvation. 39 years I have prayed and waited for this opportunity!" - HRCC Member

Hurting People Helped

"As a minority, I have often been disappointed by my "Church" experience. My relationship with Harvest Ridge congregants has been authentic and representational of what I believe the Kingdom of God is like."    - True Light Member

Believers Growing in Their Faith

"I have grown in my ability to live out my faith and do the things He has taught me in His Word. He has taught me to rest in Him as He works through me to accomplish His will and purpose." - HRCC Member

"Growing in my faith happens in so many ways at Harvest Ridge Covenant Church, but none more than in Harvest Ridge Tonight. HRT allowed me to hear God's Word and God's message through so many people in the group I was in. Through the testimony and sharing of so many people of their faith in Christ, and how their relationship has been shaped by the "Believe" series, it was impossible for my faith to not grow. I not only felt that I grew in my faith, but I felt that through HRT, the faith of our church grew as well." - HRCC Member

"I am thankful for this church as I continue to grow in my faith and invest in family, friends, and future friends' lives by praying with and for them as well as inviting them to worship with us at HRCC, HRT, and Trunk or Treat! Inviting friends to these events seemed scary, but I realized I don't have to have all of the answers, I just need to extend an invitation and let God do the rest!" - HRCC Member

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