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July 14, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Jed Hollenbach Series: BELIEVE

Passage: Romans 5:1–5:5

Key Question: How do I deal with the hardships and struggles of life?

Key Idea: I can cope with the hardships of life because of the hope I have in Jesus Christ.

Key Verses: Romans 5:1-5


Key Points:

  1. What we think hope is.
  2. What biblical hope is.
  3. Our hope is grounded in God.
  4. Hope helps us face suffering and pain.
  5. Our hope in God will not disappoint.

Application Questions

  1. What are the things you hope for?
  2. How do you describe Biblical hope?
  3. How does hope help you navigate suffering and pain?
  4. What keeps you from placing all your hope in God?
  5. How does your hope in God encourage you in your current season?


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