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Jonah: Running from God

August 14, 2022 Speaker: Pastor Tiffany Flanagan Series: Jonah

Passage: Jonah 1-4

SERMON NOTES for 08.13.2022
Jonah: Running From God

Main Point: Consider ways you might be running from God and turn back to him.
Three instances where people turn away from God:
I. Commit Flagrant Disobedience
A. We run from God when we feel fear or shame.
B. God never runs from us, but is always near and inviting us to turn back to him.
II. Live in Ignorant Evil
A. We run from God when we are made aware of our hidden sins.
B. In God’s mercy, he sends messengers to point out how we may be turning away from him.
III. Overcome With Emotion
A. We disengage from God when consumed with our emotions.
B. God invites us to turn to him and seek understanding.

Reflection Questions:
1) Where do you feel fear or shame? Are they ways you seek to block out God’s voice or numb
conviction or shame?
2) What are some things you might practically do to turn to God and seek understanding this