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Harvest Ridge Covenant Church


Harvest Ridge Covenant Church has developed a vision statement that helps us to clearly see the church that God is calling us to become. We believe that this is God’s preferred future for HRCC, and this vision statement is a declaration that will set HRCC’s goals for that future: “At Harvest Ridge, we believe that Christ wants lost people found, hurting people helped, and believers growing in their faith.”


Words are important. They describe and define our lives, they form our values, and they influence how we see our church, ourselves, and the world around us. Here are four words that describe who HRCC is and what we value.

Holy Manners

If our vision speaks of what we believe our church is called to do, our Holy Manners speak of how we live in community. Relationships can be complicated. Our Holy Manners serve as guidelines and guardrails so that all of our interactions honor God and our church family members. We have found that how we speak, listen, and decide is as important as the final decision we make. Our Holy Manners come from Colossians 3:12-17.


Aristotle once said, “It’s much easier to hit the target if you can see the target.” With that in mind, we have identified five targets. Our targets are core values that help define what strong, healthy ministry looks like at HRCC.