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True Light Ministries

Harvest Ridge has partnered with a ministry that serves people in the depths of the City...and they stole our hearts!

True Light Ministries is located at 712 E. 31st Street, Kansas City, MO. The question was asked, “What if the Church?”, and Harvest Ridge responded. After a serve day, we made the commitment that this would be an ongoing relationship, not a one-time service day with “What if the Church?”.

The relationship continued to grow stronger as time passed, and we have experienced more ministry opportunities together. Serve days continue, but have increased in number and areas of ministry. The number of volunteers also continues to increase as needs arise. God provided people and other resources, making it possible to remodel the True Light kitchen. They continue to serve 250-300 people breakfast each Saturday morning and lunch to ladies coming in to the Emancipation Station (a day shelter for women) each day during the week. Harvest Ridge men recently installed a washer and dryer at Emancipation Station so women who come into the shelter during the day can do their laundry.

Each week, women from Harvest Ridge travel to True Light to teach sewing, lead a Bible study and prayer, teach knitting on a loom, and assist with administrative needs. These times together have developed into ongoing relationships and spiritual growth for all involved. Some Harvest Ridge members now serve on the True Light Ministry Board and a committee that supports Emancipation Station and Freedom House (a transitional home for women).

True Light is also a Family Resource Center, which provides food, clothing, and other personal care items to those who are in transition, living at poverty level, or are homeless. True Light Ministries is equipped to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those who enter their doors.

Urban True Light Church travels with their congregation from time to time to join our congregation for worship service, located in predominantly white Johnson County, on a Sunday morning, giving us a taste of what Heaven will look like. As we look around to welcome our guests, it feels like one big happy family gathering. It has become a tradition each summer to join together with True Light Ministries and Community Life Church for Summer Splash and a baptism service.

This is a relationship that has grown stronger with time and increased involvement in multiple areas. It feels like we’re a family when the two congregations meet together. With increased involvement in the ministry at True Light has come a deeper understanding of the ministry taking place at True Light Family Resource Center and its components.

Out of the two congregations partnering together, the women have formed a group that is called “Sister to Sister” with a logo of “Better Together”. Sister to Sister meets four times a year, twice at Harvest Ridge and twice at True Light, for a time of food, worship, music, prayer, devotion, and lots of loving fellowship. This is an event the women from both congregations look forward to with great enthusiasm.

We have truly become brothers and sisters in Christ, putting all differences aside and enjoying what God is teaching us.