After a sermon series entitled “What If the Church?...” which challenged churches to work together to make Christ known in our metropolitan area, Harvest Ridge participated in a service day with True Light Ministries, a church ministering to people in Kansas City, Missouri. Neither of our congregations realized that the event would launch an ongoing, mutually committed relationship that would grow stronger with time.


tl_6_2 310x200There have been more service days with an increasing number of volunteers. God has provided manpower and resources to make such things possible as the True Light kitchen remodeling. The kitchen now provides breakfast for 250-300 people each Saturday morning and daily lunches for the ladies at Emancipation Station, the day shelter for women. Other projects have included the installation of a washer and dryer at Emancipation Station and an Eagle Scout project resulting in a new nursery for the church.

tl_2 310x200Each week, women from Harvest Ridge travel to True Light to lead a Bible study and prayer time, teach sewing and knitting, and assist with administrative needs. Some Harvest Ridge members now serve on the True Light Ministry Board and a committee supporting Emancipation Station and Freedom House, a transitional home for women. As a result of these interactions, there has been spiritual growth and relationship building, and a strong bond has developed between the two congregations.

tl_2_1 310x200One of the highlights of this special bond is our sessions of combined worship. We gather together four times a year, twice at True Light and twice at Harvest Ridge. We also share baptism celebrations and fun events such as Trunk or Treat. No matter the occasion or location, we feel like one big, happy family! A natural extension of this partnership is the formation of “Sister to Sister," a women’s group that has adopted the motto “Better Together." This group meets four times a year, twice at Harvest Ridge and twice at True Light, for food, music, prayer, and lots of loving fellowship. The women from both congregations look forward to these events with great anticipation and enthusiasm. This special relationship with True Light has been such an immeasurable blessing to Harvest Ridge. We look forward to seeing what God has planned for our future together.